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Maintenance Services

Made-to-measure solutions

Regular Services 

Histia developed an extensive maintenance schedule of items that need to be reviewed throughout the year. These check-ups enable our team to proactively identify issues before they become major repairs.   

Our package is designed to ensure quality maintenance service throughout the year with a twice-monthly basic test running and a quarterly full test on the equipment & systems.


Customised to your needs, it includes a comprehensive list of items; water heaters, air conditioner, waterproofing among others. 


Even with a well-maintained home, emergencies happen. We are here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you sign up with our program, repairs can be carried out by our team. This includes coordination on major repairs performed by a third party, quotation and supervision of the work done.  

We are here to assist and despatch the right personnel when the need arises.  

Outdoor Coordination Services 

Maintain your property all year round with Histia.  

Lawn mowing, hedge trimming, swimming pool maintenance ... Entrust the coordination and supervision of your outdoor services to Histia. The service includes the following: 

  • Swimming pool 

  • Garden 

  • Pest control  

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