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Housekeeping Services

Passionate professionals

We customise our cleaning services according to your needs and expectations. From classic home cleaning to deep home cleaning, choose the right formula.  

Take a look at the different packages and services available.  

Cleaning Products
Classic Home Cleaning  
  • Sweep and mop the floor 

  • Empty of thrash 

  • General dusting  

  • Ventilation of rooms 

  • Bedding (bed making) 

  • Clean the doors & windows handles 

  • Wipe countertops and kitchen cabinets 

  • Clean the appliances 

  • Clean and disinfect the toilet 

  • Clean the sink, bathtubs and/or showers 

Cleaning the Counter
Deep Home Cleaning  
Deep Home Cleaning  
  • Sweep and mop the floors 

  • Vacuum clean of all carpets & couches 

  • Empty of thrash 

  • Dust furniture, decorative items and window panels 

  • Ventilation of rooms 

  • Clean and disinfect furniture, doors & window handles  

  • Bedding (bed making) 

  • Cleaning and disinfect the sink, bathtubs and/or showers 

  • Cleaning and disinfect toilet 

  • Wipe countertops and kitchen cabinets 

  • Clean kitchen utensils and devices 

  • Clean and disinfect appliances 

  • Clean & dust ceiling fans 

  • Clean patio, entrance & garage 

Ironed White Shirts
Additional Services 
  • Ironing  

  • Laundry (linen & towels) 

  • Window cleaning (inside/outside)  

  • Dishes, pot or pan washing  

  • Karcher cleaning of specific areas (patio, walls, etc) 

Essential Package

3 Classic Home Cleaning &

1 Deep Home Cleaning per month

Premium Package 

12 Classic Home Cleaning &

2 Deep Home Cleaning per month

Deluxe Package

16 Classic Home Cleaning & 4 Deep Home Cleaning per month

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